We've all experienced bad servers at restaurants.   Sometimes I think I'm somehow destined to be stuck in the section of the worst sometimes.  I do want you to know that I am a good tipper, too.  It's only when they deserve it.  By the way, Molly, if you are reading this, this has nothing to do with you.  (Molly was our good server we had last night when we went out).

1.  Not being attentive enough. Obviously this is the biggest one.  She takes your order, comes back with the food 30 minutes later, and comes back to drop off the check.  Meanwhile, you've needed a refill, ketchup, or something else and she never came back.

2.  Being too attentive. I will always remember the one time where we were constantly bothered by our waiter.  It was ridiculous.  He came back to the table to check on us every 2 minutes.  I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with him.  I had just taken two bites since last time!

3.  Do you need a minute to decide?  Ok I'll give you 20 minutes to decide. Give us a minute to decide.  Don't ask the question and come back 20 minutes later, after we are starving, or have small children that aren't as patient.

There's body language involved when you order food.  Menu's down on the table signal the waitress that you're ready to order.  Pissed off look on your face means you've been ready to order.  Walking up to them 20 minutes later and tapping them on the shoulder means, where the hell have you been?

4.  Screwing up the bill. This happens to me all the time.  If you haven't had your bill screwed up, then you are probably not looking it over good enough.

5.  Being obviously sick. Nothing ruins my appetite than a sweaty, snot dripping, hot mess of a waitress delivering my food.  Ish.

6.  No common sense. True story, I asked a hostess once at a restaurant for a booth in the bar.  She looked confused and said, "We only have stools in the bar..."  Perplexed, I pointed to an empty booth in the bar section.  "Oh, wait.... I get it!"

7.  Getting your food cold. Ever sat at a section and saw your order up, ready to go and it just sat there under the heat lamp?  While the waitress was chatting with another table/cook/friend for 10 minutes.  I wish I could get up and get it myself.

8.  Dessert? I know they have to do this, but does anyone ever have room for dessert?