Mom's are the best... I totally agree.  I really do believe that.  They have a tougher job when it comes to parenting.  Moms win the award.  However, it seems like there is this stigma out there that Dad's are incapable of doing anything right in the house.  Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. 

My wife and I have 2 kids... a 6 year old and a 7 month old.  There's a little gap there in age... just enough so we can draw out the terrible two's and other milestones across a full decade.   Great...  Anyway, in our family dynamic, I pick up the kids from school and daycare.  Then I solo "parent" them for a few hours every afternoon.  During this time I also cook dinner and pick up around the house.  I change nasty dirty diapers, yell at our son and the neighbors kids to quit playing in the street, and just try to hold the house together.  My wife gets home and dinner is ready most nights, the kids are in one piece, and usually there's no drama.

I do this every. single. day.  So there's a few things that bug me when I hear people assuming that every dad is a bumbling idiot who can't even make toast.

Don't say this stuff to me... you'll get an eyeroll or an earful if I'm already on the edge.



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    Just wait til she's a toddler!

    I get this when people are referring to our baby girl.  Usually they say it while our 6 year old is standing right next to me.  Apparently they think that he just came out of the womb as a 6 year old, fully adjusted and well mannered.   I've been through it already, and we're doing it again.

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    It gets easier when they are older

    Yes I know it does, but that's a long way away.  Right now we are in survival mode.  It's not easier right now, and all we can focus on right now is surviving.  Things did get easier with our now 6 year old, and I've experienced it.   But that doesn't help right now.

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    Oh, you're babysitting! How nice!

    According to this statement, I babysit everyday.  I'm not a babysitter.  I'm a dad with a full plate.

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    You shouldn't let the baby watch tv!

    I don't plop the baby in front of the TV, but occasionally it happens.  There's a bunch of studies and blah blah blah it's bad for them... whatever.  If blinking lights and noises will keep her distracted long enough so I don't burn the crap out of the meatloaf.. she's gonna watch it.

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    Dad's have it easy

    I actually had someone say this to me once... that Dad's have it easy and the mom's have it tough.   Maybe your dad had it easy back in the old days.  Everyone has a different situation, and let's not have this stereotype for all dads.