I was pretty freaked out about the birth of our Daughter Jane.  She's pictured above, by the way...  This was my first time in the delivery room seeing a baby born.   I had previously mentioned some things I was worried about when labor started.  Well now I've lived through it and I'm hear to help other expecting fathers, and not freak them out like others did to me.

1.  It will be really difficult to see your wife in pain.  My wife went all natural, no drugs, nothing for the pain.   She's always been like that, it takes a doctor's note for her to take Tylenol.  Obviously, child birth is traumatic on your body and causes an enormous amount of pain.   It was really tough watching her go through that pain with nothing I could do.

2.  They put you to work.  For some reason, I kinda thought I'd just be in the corner of the room observing from a safe distance so I didn't have to see any gross stuff.  Nope, as soon as she started pushing, they told me to grab a leg!

3.  Crowning doesn't look like what you thought it would.  From the view point I was at (on the side) I had no idea what was happening when it first started.   The baby started coming out way faster than everyone thought.  In fact the doctor had to hurry and get her gloves on.   It didn't look anything like what I expected.  It was a purple bulge coming out.

4.  The baby may be purple or blue.  I thought babies came out pink.  Not blue or purple.  I was truly worried that something was wrong.   However, it turns out it takes a little bit of time for the color to come in.

5. The umbilical cord is hard.  Cutting the cord was something I wasn't sure I was going to do, but when they asked I just had to jump in.   The surprising part was the cord took a little bit of pressure to cut.   I just thought it would be like cutting through a sausage casing or something.   Nope there's some firmness there.

6.  The "Spray". I did not expect there to be a spray of amniotic fluid.  As the feet of the baby was coming out, so did a wave crashing on the rocks.  Fluid everywhere.   I guess this is common from the pressure built up.   Either way, I wasn't expecting that and it was pretty messy.

7.  They show you the placenta and other stuff.  While they were cleaning her up and putting a few stitches in, I walked around the bed to see the baby.   I walked past a stainless steel bowl of placenta and other stuff I have no idea what it was.   Here's the good news:  it didn't even phase me.   Now I'm not a squeamish guy by any means, but I still thought I'd be grossed out.   Nope, I was too high on the moment to notice.

8.  It is as great as everyone says it is.  No, I didn't cry out of joy or excitement, but I don't really cry.   I did tear up just a tad when she first grabbed my finger with her tiny little hand.  The whole experience was life changing.  It sounds cliche, but it's true.

Oh, and her name is Jane Elizabeth, born Nov 1st 2013, 7lbs 12 ounces, 20.5 inches.