There was something about the ACM's last night that didn't seem quite right.  It seemed to me things were just a little off last night.  The sound was never quite right (at least to TV Viewers,)  There were some awkward moments, and some things I just didn't get.  It's live TV, and I know it's tough.  However I do have to disagree with some critics about a few things.

1.  The sound was messed up... all night. It's pretty difficult to do an awards show with different bands and set ups throughout the whole night, but you could definitely tell that the performers were having problems.  A lot of usually great singers, came off a little pitchy.

2.  Rascal Flatts with Steve Martin was a waste of his talents. Steve Martin is an award winning banjo player.  He's really good, no joke!  They played the song banjo and have Steve Martin play with them.   Martin pretty much just stood in the background and plucked out some mundane part to the song.  Then, they had another band member to the solo.  Not to mention, once again the sound was so bad that you couldn't even hear the Banjos at home.  Sounded rough all together.

3.  Reba McEntire & Liam Hemsworth exchange was awkward. It was a pretty good example of two cultures clashing together.  Reba introduced Liam as the star of Hunger Game........S.  She obviously didn't know the title of the much hyped movie and tried to save it at the end.  Then Liam thanked Reba and introduced Brad Platesly.  ugh.

4.  Is Ashton Kutcher bad at singing, nervous, or never heard "Cross My Heart Before."  And whats with the two guys with him?

He brought out members of his band because Country Music guys always remember to thank their band.  Wait, does he have a band?  And who are these guys?  Anyway...  He then broke into the chorus of "Cross My Heart" From George Strait.  To me, with as talented as Ashton is, I figured he would be a pretty darn good singer.  I don't know if it was nerves, or he heard the song for the first time that morning, but he was a little off.

5.  Poor Taylor, it was awkward for us too. Reba and Blake made a joke about Taylor and Tim Tebow, and it looked like it stung her a little.  Leave her alone, she's still our sweetheart guys!

6.  Bono? Before Dierks Bentley's performance of "Home," they played a clip from Bono talking about how he's good friends with Dierks and enjoys this song.  I don't really get why they thought of including Bono.  Seemed a bit odd to me.

Now the good stuff:

1.  The wedding ceremony during "Marry Me" actually worked for me. At first I thought this was going to be rough and I cringed.  About a minute into it though, I thought it really worked.  Hats off to Pat Monohan and Martina Mcbride who really sang well and probably gave the least "pitchiest" performance of the night.

2.  Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw performed "Feel Like A Rock Star." It's the first time we've seen them on stage performing a song together from their Brothers Of The Sun Tour.  It made me want to go out and try to find a ticket.

3.  Miranda and Blake winning Vocalists of the year. Both of them deserve the awards very much.

4.  Miranda sings "Over You." Great song, and she had a very emotional and powerful performance.

5.  Taylor Swift Wins Entertainer of the Year. It's not so much that I wanted Taylor to win as much as I'm impressed with her thanking her date that couldn't make it.  Kevin, the cancer struck high school student that was supposed to be her date wasn't able to attend, but she still gave him a shout out.  Pretty classy, Taylor.