No, I haven't lost my job (yet) because of Facebook, but I've been seeing a lot of my "friends" on facebook doing some dumb things with their status updates.  You gotta remember who's looking!  Here's some actual things I've seen said on Facebook that could definitely get someone fired.

1. Status updates on your mobile phone. Facebook has this new handy dandy location guide.  It tags you where you're at.  So if you aren't where you're supposed to be, it will let everyone at your job know!

2. Doing a status update when you drive a commercial vehicle. Wow, talk about dumb.  Get off your phone and drive your 30,000 pound vehicle.  I've even seen picture uploads from the inside of a truck cab while the truck is moving!  Let's hope your boss doesn't see that, or better yet, let's hope you don't die or kill someone!

3. Complaining about your students at school. Actual facebook status update, "OMG, sometimes I hate teaching these kids.  What a tough class."  I'm sure the parents will be happy that you're on Facebook while we are paying your salary with our taxes.

4. Uploading Pictures Of You Partying and showing up late for work the next day. Feeling under the weather, or is it from your picture you uploaded at 1:30 in the morning where you were licking that guy's face?

5. Constant Status Updates during work hours. How many times should you really update your status at work if you want to impress your employers?  0. While you may not raise any alarms if you do it a couple of times throughout the day, doing it more than that will make it look like you could use a bigger work load to keep you busy.  Or maybe your tasks could be assigned to someone else.