In the zombie apocalyptic world mistaken identity can kill you.  Just ask Daryl, who made it through one hell of an ordeal, just to almost get his head blown off by Andrea.  Epic Fail.  Here's some things not to do, to make sure people know you are the living if a zombie apocalypse ever happens.

1.  Don't eat spaghetti or drink red juice. A kool aid mustache can get you killed.  Looks like you just snacked on something, and of course without running water readily available, it's hard to wash off.  Plus if you stumble across a can of chef boyardee, don't spill any on yourself.

2.  Don't sleepwalk. Obviously this could be bad.  If you're a sleepwalker, better tie yourself down before you pass out.

3.  Don't get too drunk. Say you stumble upon a bottle somewhere, and you get drunk just to escape for a little bit.  Stumbling around and mumbling incoherently is sure to get you a bullet in the head in the zombie world.

4.  Clean up any wounds immediately.  You can learn a lot from this.  If you're bleeding all over the place, people may think you are a walker.  And even if it's apparent that you aren't a walker, but are bleeding, they'll shoot you anyway assuming you got bit.  Always carry bandaids and alcohol wipes.

5.  Don't limp.  Ever. Even if you sprained your ankle, you have to happily bounce when you walk.  Suck it up, take the pain.  You gotta do it.  People like Andrea love picking off limping people from a distance.

Here's pretty much all of the above, in a nice handy clip.