OK, so maybe the word terrifying isn't right, but it's definitely scary at least a little bit for parents.  Today we brought our kindergartener to the first day of school which is orientation, and I was surprised the amount of anxiety I had as soon as we got there.   I held it together and did all of the supportive dad stuff, while under the surface I was secretly fretting about leaving him there.

1. I literally have underwear that is older than him, and he's going to be on his own.  Just 5 years ago he was a baby.  6 years ago he was a fetus.   Just about everything I own is older than that.   Now, as an adult, 5 years seems like such a short period of time to send a kid off to school.

2.  This kid just learned how to use a toilet 2 1/2 years ago.  Kindergarteners have seriously only been using a toilet for like 30 months.   (Give or take).

3.  Some other kid's parents are crazy looking.  At the school today I moved to the other side of the hallway to avoid a crazy looking dude carrying a pink backpack.  His daughter looked normal.  This guy looked nuts.

4.  I got turned around, how is he going to find his way? I went down the wrong hallway and got turned around.   I'm 30 years old for crying out loud.  How is he going to find his way around class?  He still gets stuck behind the couch at home for heaven's sake.

5.  I've been doing practice drills on "What's your teacher's name?"   "What room number are you in?"  He got his teacher name right the first time.   He got his room number right too.   I asked him an hour later and he already completely forgot.   How can you forget this stuff!  How can I leave you all day if you can't remember where you're suppose to be!

OK,  update:  He's got this figured out.    I just need to relax.  He will be fine, and I need to just chill out.