As part of the 'Our Town' series, I like to visit with the mayors from the cities we focus on.  The Mayor of Cloquet is Bruce Ahlgren.  The first time I saw Bruce, he was sitting in a dunk tank at this years 4th Of July celebration in Cloquet as kids threw balls to knock him into the water. I knew he must be a good guy because a lot of mayors avoid dunk tanks at all costs.

Mayor Bruce was nice enough to answer my tough hitting questions, Cloquet should be proud.  Let's begin:


1.  Okay, let’s say I’m moving to Northern Minnesota and am picking a city to call home.  Can you tell me why I should pick Cloquet while incorporating the word ‘Batman’ into your answer?

Well, Batman used to live here, but he got bored because it was such a great community that there was too little crime to fight. He was really only working one day a week fighting crime. So he went off to Gotham City, but came back to retire in this peaceful town.  Cloquet has lots of natural beauty: cross-country skiing, hiking and biking trails. It’s also got good businesses, friendly people, and a community that helps each other out. So when Batman can’t use his wings, someone in Cloquet will help him out.  And you can’t beat the food at Gordy’s Hi-Hat.


2.  Cloquet is a beautiful city, what are you most excited about in the near future for your city?

I think we’re on the very verge of expanding our business base in many areas, with box stores coming in, a new hotel complex with a conference center, and an industrial park that is ready to open for business and ready for expansion. I-35 and Highway 33 are getting ready for development, and our local businesses here are very strong.


3.  What are the biggest challenges you face as Mayor or that the city faces?

The economy is a big challenge here, as it is in other places. Affordable housing and foreclosures are issues we have to concentrate on. We also have to expand our tax base and make our small businesses affordable to the people of Cloquet.


4.  What are your 3 all time favorite songs?

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles

“Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly

“Unchained Melody” by the Everly Brothers


5.  If you could be one of The Avengers, who would you be and why?

Who the heck are they?


6.  Oh, one extra question please as I’ve always wondered this.  What is your favorite word that rhymes with ‘Cloquet’?

Klo-kay’s Okay for Croquet


Thank you Mayor Bruce Ahlgren and Go Lumberjacks!