I got my new iPhone 4s back in April and I fell in love with it, just like I fell in love with my previous iPhone 3.  Siri made my life so much easier, with helping me set reminders, sending texts for me, and keeping me company.  (I'm kidding about the last one.)  However, I haven't heard Siri's voice for a few days now.  Yep, she won't even talk to me anymore.Why?  Because the damn speakers on the phone quit working!  Ugh.  I've treated my phone very well.  I have one of those otter box cases for it, screen protector, the whole nine yards.  It never got wet, so we can rule that out.  The other day I was listening to music on the speakers and it started to crackle and then just quit.  Forever.

Of course, I tried the hard reset, I tried restoring factory settings.  And then I talked to Robert from Apple and he said they would send me a new one to replace it.  So now I patiently wait, and hope that they aren't going to blame me for the problems this very expensive phone is experiencing.

Nowadays, when I have a problem with a product, I usually Google the problem, to see if I'm all alone.  I definitely wasn't.  It has happened countless times, and even to a couple of friends of mine.  Here's the most common problems:

1.  Speakers quit working all together - Like in my case, nothing I can do will help.

2.  Headphone jack interference. This is when for some reason the headphones get screwed up.  If you plug them back in and out several times, it may start working again.

3.  Over heating battery. This happened to my dad.  The back of the phone literally started melting.

4.  Antenna problems. Remember the whole death grip thing?  Lot of people still have problems, I've never noticed one.

5.  Glass is glass. Who doesn't know someone who hasn't shattered a smart phone.  Trust me, the Iphone isn't the worst.  The worst would be the HTC Aria.  My wife dropped it from about 2 feet and the thing SHATTERED.  Get a good case.  I recommend the Otter Cases.

I still LOVE the iPhone.  I don't want to go to something else.  But if this replacement doesn't work, I may have to switch.