Do a search for free things on your birthday. Some people didn’t know you can clean up at some really good businesses. It’s your birthday, you can cry if you want to, or check out these 25 freebies.

And it’s not just ice cream on the house -- you can score dinner, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, e-books and even lingerie on your special day.

Matthew Geniesse is the king of birthday freebies. Last year the Southern California resident redeemed about $300 worth of goods and services on his natal day including golf, bowling, ice cream, lip gloss (he gave it to his girlfriend), tanning, a car wash, Guitar Hero play, chili, a movie, appetizers and desserts.Oh, and free drinks. Lots of free drinks. (He was with friends, so he didn't have to drive.)"A day without paying one dollar," says Geniesse, 35. "I just didn't want (it) to end."