Just Saturday I was with my family in Canal Park and as we saw a large group of kids swimming at 'The Cribs, that big concrete structure not far off shore.  I thought to myself, that water has to be cold and as I watched kids jump in I hoped they'd be okay with no lifeguards at that location.

So sad to find out that on Monday a young boy jumped in, never surfaced, and that it wasn't until 32 minutes later that rescue crews located him under the water. This story is from our partners at The Northlands News Center.  As I post this I am unable to find an update on his condition.  However, there is still hope for his survival.

Cold water may give him a better chance at coming out of this.  Furthermore, The Northland's News Center reports that Rick Slatten of the St. Louis County Rescue Crew believes the victims age my also be an advantage.  "In cold water emersion situations, particularly with young people, their melmarian dive reflux kicks in," Slatten said. "There is a laryngeal spasm that shuts off water getting into the lungs and also, their brain needs less oxygen. As we get older, we tend to loose that reflux."

Our thoughts are prayers are with this young man and his family as he fights to recover.