As the chinese get richer, they also get fatter.  Obesity has jumped over 158% in the last 15 years.  The reason is as Chinese people get more money (mostly our money), they tend to follow the American's footsteps:  buying cars, nicer couches, and eating more.  You can read the full article online at

Is it a terrible thing that I'm kind of glad we aren't alone anymore?  I'm sick of all the fat jokes about Americans and how we are so lazy.  I guess the reason I'm sick of it, is because it's true.  It is pretty sad to see how many people are riding around in little rascals.

Have you ever noticed how salty Chinese food is?  I bet a lot of it is just retaining water.   I know I feel pretty bloated after eating Chinese food.  Looks like China is going to be battling the same obesity epidemic as we are now.  But hey, there's a whole new market now for Jenny Craig, or South Beach Diet books!