Duluth Police had asked for your help to find a missing child.  He had been missing since Thursday after school at Lincoln Park Elementary.  We are happy to report he has been returned.   Here are further details according to the Duluth Police Department:

On Thursday, May 16th, Duluth Police took a report of a missing child Lyrik James Schmelz, a 12 year old male who was last seen getting on the bus after school at Lincoln Park Elementary school. When Schmelz' bus arrived at his stop, Schmelz was not on it. Officers and investigators have been checking numerous locations and following up on leads, but have been unsuccessful in locating Schmelz.

Lyrik Schmelz is a 12 year old caucasian boy who is 5'0" tall and weighs 120 lbs. He has brown hair and blue eyes.


On Saturday, May 18th, 2013 at 10:18 PM Duluth Police received information on the possible whereabouts of Lyrik Schmelz. In checking that area, officers located Schmelz inside an apartment in the 600 block of E. 1st St. in the presence of a family member. Schmelz was uninjured and in good health. The Duluth Police Department would like to thank the public for assisting us in locating Lyrik Schmelz.